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..and…we’re back !

, Sorry for the unplanned lack of updates , shortly after my last post on the 4th of may, I had to step out for a family “emergency” , that required me to be elsewhere….for two weeks !

so, back in the swing of half track goodness today, and with more hardware and parts having come in, we at we are going to finish the front axle, hang it, and then prep for track install so we can have a roller by early June !

we will be getting the fleet out , a little late of course, but there will be some great pics of the rest of the society’s collection in detail as well over the next few days

as for the M3…

…As we prepped the front axle, we found this number, hand stamped on the UNDERSIDE of the tube !

its not the normal part number location, as that’s on the diff casting … the number is 2 off of the M3’s Ord number

yet another M3 mystery !

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