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gotta work …no time for blogging !

sometimes, everything just clicks in and you get lost in the work! here is a few shots of the last two days of caffeine fueled progress ( that and the shop has SERIOUSLY great acoustics for keeping the working tunes humming along !

no, its NOT an Australian Half Track ! just the easiest way to move it to a pallet !

AND ! the big news is that the powertrain is out. Its quite extraordinary just how easy it is to pull this. 6 bolts, and the prop shaft retainers, and that s it!

the trans and transfer case actually sits on a leaf spring, while the front mounts have machined pockets to line up into, so there is no vertical stress on the bolts at all, making removal fast

whole thing popped right out !

Thanks to the BFT (Big Frikken Tractor )

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