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70s Alvis military trucks

We run two fully restored early ‘ 70s Alvis military trucks, one is an Armored Personnel Carrier, the Saracen which we will see more of in the next post, and one is an engineering marvel / nightmare called the Stalwart HMLC ( High Mobility Load Carrier.

At its core, its a fully ocean going amphibious truck that can carry 5 tons from a landing ship off a beach, and swim to shore using twin ducted water jets, not unlike a jet ski. Its powered by the massive, and at 3 MPG, thirsty, Rolls Royce B-81 straight 8 gas engine ( later ones used a K series RR Diesel).

It has a fully hydraulic control system, even the gas pedal, and being built like a boat…you can only work on it from the top, and if you drop a tool…..well its gone!

These were used until less complicated machines can into being to move cargo over rivers …. like helicopters now, there are few survivors maintained by hardy collectors who need the extra challenge of collecting boats that are a lot like trucks.

Here is a detail shot of its swim screen, in its raised and lowered position. It was run lowered in heavy surf to force the bow of the truck up as it plowed through waves.

The Collections example is a Support Limber for the Royal Artillery, and was primarily used to haul palatalized ammunition for the guns of the RA.

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