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one of the downsides of doin this kind of work, is the constant demands of other tasks that take us off the main job of the M3. In this case, we had two things drop on our lap, one, Supporting a Biathlon Training Event. For those new to us, we maintain a large network of test trails for the collection on the large acreage here , as well as certified firing range. These facilities we loan to the local Biathlon Club for both “dry land” and snow training, so we needed to generate the range and trails at short notice for this past weekends shoot !

Also, we have been asked to support the highly successful yearly Ottawa event of “Bring a Vet to Dinner”, where people sign up to show their appreciation of our veterans, by agreeing to be matched up with a vet, and then, go to a sponsored dinner event !

We have been invited to bring two vehicles as “Gate Guards” for the event, and so we have selected our 1954 Volvo TP-21, and Our 1963 Daimler Ferret, so, that being said, we have to undertake our pre roll checks ! Pictures of the upcoming event, and some media soon!

Here is a nice study of our TP-21

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