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before and afters, and a start on the floor !

Getting “back into the weeds” now with some small but no less important details. We have started on cab floor section, in particular the venting section , and have made new gasket material for the glass window inserts, seen below is the before and after. As we are waiting for the correct 10-32 X 1/4 inch slot screws, we are using some off the shelf hardware we have here to position the gaskets and hold down strips!

I have left an original screw on the newly restored frame so you can see how little these were !

Here are a couple of floor vent pictures , under the resto “knife” and the final install

Finally, the new wire loom is on with clips loosely attached, we are still awaiting the frame pass through grommets , but these are in next week and are split type, so can go in without disturbing the harness too much, the second picture is roughly the same location with the original unrestored parts shown fitted .

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