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due for an “adjustment” !

so, with the M3 reduced to a roller chassis ( we know this , as we had to move it today to take delivery of a BFAC (Big F…Air Compressor! which will be a great help in the next stages ), so it does indeed roll on her tracks

Many thanks to Star Motors Mercedes Benz of Ottawa for the donation of this pre-loved piece of gear, by the way !

We are now preparing to get the old track off, and have found some great old films of this being done in the field, so are at least positive about how to do it…we just don’t think the adjusters are quite ready as they have a few years of accumulated…well…everything on em….so, we shall pray to the gods of WD-40, heat and BIG wrenches

In theory, its easy, block the bogie wheels from descending while jacking the M3 up ( metal wedge or cable strap , put on jack stands, back off track tension and then unbolt the outer half of the rear idler….then just roll the track off the front drive sprocket…..yep…easy

we will keep you posted as we prepare this next adventure in half track life !

idler support and tracking stay, at rear of hull

this adjuster works on the other side of the track spring. this must be loosened off to slack the track

Horizontal track tensioning spring and adjuster shaft

rear idler wheel pivot shaft and retaining nut, inside rear frame rail

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