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Fall Half Track Update November 2018

What a difference !

From a fully clogged rad to a fully re-cored and tested one. Only the rad frame could be salvaged, so a new core was built including the winch drive shaft tunnel, that allows the winch drive to actually pass through the rad itself Many thanks to the professional team at Capital & Dominion Radiator in Ottawa who pulled out all the stops, and even rebuilt the pretzel that was the winch drive shaft

adding the fan shrouds and details before install….a  “before and after pic, of course !


M3 Rad shrouds. These are easy to put on if the rad is out, VERY easy if you have the rad up in the air like this so you can turn it to get the sheet metal tabs to line up. The proviso with this method is that its best to have the engine driven rad fan off before slotting it in. Also, the lower engine armour is best to go on too before the rad is placed ….unless you have really oddly jointed hands for the install after !


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