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fistfull of busted bolts ( sorry Mr Eastwood !)

well….as one of my music hero’s says …rust never sleeps…so out comes the grinder and torches and off with their heads ….. bolt heads that is….

so, working with fire and steel is so much faster than just steel….

a few more pre stripper pics !

Notice the Hand Painted Air Recognition Ring on the Hood … this was applied after the US Invasion into North Africa to aid pilots from telling who were the “good guys “ the order was given to add these to vehicles already in the UK , being assembled for the D Day Landings….the plot thickens !

As you can see, its a very early model, as it just has the twin fuel tanks instead of the later 4 …still…riding in a thinly armoured gas can …..not my idea of a great time with the big “Cats” lurking in the Hedges

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