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force majour…..

wow, we got hit hard here.

West Quebec, where we have our shop spaces has taken a full on hit by mother nature. Last count we have 127 roads cut by flood waters, over 300 people cut off from evacuation. Some roads are so badly damaged, they may be closed and never rebuilt

all our facilities survived well and are dry, so we are very thankful for that !

all this started midnight Sunday, and as our collection Curator is a Swiftwater Rescue Technician with the local Fire Dept….well, he’s been busy, to say the least !

we expect to be back next week with more Half Track and other MV goodness, so, same bat time, same bat channel …stay tuned !

to set the tone, in the below pics is a local flood control dam…the water should be 20 feet below the rim…notice the size of the smashed trees in the pile !

gates were smashed out of it by debris.

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