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front springs and mounts, and a comment on paint

Special Thanks to Malmberg Truck in Ottawa for the great rebuild of the front spring packs!

all mounted now and awaiting the front axel lift in . One can see in most of the posts, the sheer number of parts in the background.

with an 18,000 pound M3 taken apart, she actually occupies about 3 times her normal footprint, although, with the speed its going back onto the frame, we are finding it easier to walk around it now

You may notice the slight colour variation in some of the finished parts. This, as some may find surprising, is intentional.

During the war, vehicles were assembled with parts sourced from all over the US, and the US Army Paint Spec was pretty “generous” to say the least. As we stripped it down, we found at last count, 8 different shades of OD Green.

Once we have finished final assembly, the M3 will have a final topcoat paint applied before markings , but inside components will still exhibit the different OD Green variations , just as she left the factory in ’42

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