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Happy New Year !

After our break, which saw record low temperatures here, and now snow, are back at it ! We have removed the last of the mods that had been welded to the hull and frame , in this case, the remnants of the “A” frame crane mounts that had been stick welded INSIDE the side bumper box section, which resulted in some interesting Yoga like poses with the air grinder to access these spaces …we will spare you the pictures!

We are however finished with the rear axel removal and are now going to the front now the brakes are off. Here are some detail pictures of the casting marks. Note the red paint on the spring shackle pivot, denoting that its a lubrication point. Its been hand painted on in wartime service, most likely at the unit level

You can see in the top picture, the suspension “Bump Stop” where the spring would bottom out on, its a very heavy casting welded to the frame

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