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hub-a …hub-a

front is coming off now, with the horizontal shocks, wheels ( well, wheel, the front drivers side wheel studs are spinning, so, the hub will have to come off, to take the rim off …ah… rust)

anyway, what’s interesting about this hub is its EXACTLY like the front axle / hub on my daily driver, a 1982 4 x 4 Chevy Truck (hardly new, I know, but, this was designed in the mid 1930’s !)

the bolts, locking washer , inner and outer hub nuts and bearings are all the same!

here are some takedown pics and parts . note the hard hits by a cold chisel done years ago to tighten the outer nut…my chevy has the same marks too

the brake pictures were taken as soon as the hub was removed. the seals on the brake cylinder are pliable and in great shape, non the less, these will get a full rebuild

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