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A few more from the fleet run up! Here is our Ferret and Rad Van Pinz getting some sun, and a few shots from inside the Pinz, plus, a few seldom seen interior CVR(T) Scorpion shots from inside the powered up turret.

This CVRT is as it was in Belgian service, and so, these shots are as “in service” as your going to get. We got it practically as it left Belgium !

for some extra info, the upper engine cover is off in the cab shot of the Pinz (its spring start up after all…and we like to have fire extinguisher access for all starts )

The CVR(T) L23 A1 main gun is in full elevation, as guess what, we have a no start, and that means tomorrow, the armour deck comes off !, so stay tuned to see the engine bay pics !

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