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its the details that count …..

…. We are building a skid of material to be painted, with many thanks to one of our sponsors, Star Motors Mercedes Benz, Ottawa, and we needed to capture the markings in detail, such as size, distance from edges etc., so when she’s in final assembly in 2019….well, we know exactly what the markings looked like

we have decided to bring her back to the level when, she had her blue North African Air Recognition Marking just painted.

so, for all of you for whom details matter…here’s some hood and side marking details

Sharp eyes will see the star is not 100% centred , one inch difference between L and R

The sides of the cowling , and Battery Box Cover. I suspect the “WARNING DRY BATTERY” marking was an item that was painted on when she went into post war storage

We have many more shots if anyone needs the reference !

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