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job planning ….

…or, how to pull a track while working alone!

After looking at the original half track removal procedure, that took almost the whole crew, I stumbled on a 2nd war film of two men doing a track pull…so I figured if its two guys in the field, I can manage with just me in the shop after finding I didn’t have a big enough wrench for slack the primary track spring….I figured I would kick back and look at the issue, so with a cable come along to pull up the bogies, and jack her up, I had just enough slack to loosen the idler wheel !

and with some grunting and a big bar, off it comes !

note the wear on the drive sprocket, and the rigging of the cable come along on the bogie frame to pull up the spring , an idea from Mr Paul Isaacs , who is an integral part of the CWHVS team

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