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late start !,

with a couple of shows behind us and a challenging overhaul of the collection Alvis Stalwart and CVRT Scorpion behind us, we are now in full resto mode of the ’42 M3 !

Notice the USA 40109590 serial # …in medium blue, that alone makes her a rare old girl , as they only painted that from mid 1942 to early ‘ 43 … so much history in my hands

moved from the hangar into the shop with help from our ’70 M-35 A2 and a fookin big tractor … all we needed was a chair and whip to finish getting the unpowered lump lined up !

here she is , ready for the tear down !. I will be adding a ton of pics over the next 18 months of this stage of her life, and mine !

Stay Tuned !

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