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Ottawa Army Run 2017

We had the best weather of the summer, and managed to get the Ferret parked between a Leopard 2, a Recce Coyote, a LAV and the brand new TAPV…how new, 85 km on the clock and a new car smell. We had terrific crowd appeal, being the little tough kid in amongst its older, bigger brothers !

We had fun with the Leopard crew, as they would fire up its HUGE MTU MB 873 Ka-501 diesel once an hour to make the ground shake….we would then fire up the Ferret while they revved up….and not being able to hear us, merrily showed off….until they shut down….and all the crowd could here was our Roll Royce “Sewing Machine ” singing its heart out…hey ! getting laughs is as good as “Shock and Awe “!

A great day, and we wish to express our thanks to the Army Run Team, the 12th RBC from CFB Valcartier for the Leopard Demo, and to all the Veterans from the Royal Canadian Dragoons who noticed their Flag on the Ferret Radio Mast, and took the time to slide down in for some pics !

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