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rear brakes and booster

Every time we do a resto, we of course pay particular attention to the braking systems, knowing that these components, even though they may look perfect, are hovering around the 75 year old mark

We are very fortunate to have at our disposal here in the Ottawa area, some terrific specialist rebuilders, and in the case of brake and suspension work , we deal specifically with Malmberg Truck

They have an Historic Truck branch that can do rebuild and fabrication work on all kinds of vintage and hard to find / repair hydraulic systems

Our very first job that we sent to them 10 years ago, was the complete hydraulic system ( brakes, power steering and two full cross over Hydrovac systems ) for a T-17 Staghound that we were getting into running order for the Royal Canadian Dragoons Historic Troop . In case you were scratching your head on why two full systems…. the Staghound is a twin engine Armoured Car, and you can run both, or left or right !

The Staghound is still running strong today, and importantly, still stopping on a dime when it needs to

Fast forward to our M3 Project, and Malmberg once again rebuilt everything fast, and inexpensively !

Here are some reassy pic and the finished rear brakes

the last shot is a before and after of the brake cylinder to shoe pivots……

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