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rust indeed…never sleeps!

this by far is the worst part of our half track when it comes to rust. As you can see, the lower sponson angle rail is a lot lighter than it used to be.

we found a great deal of thin wood shimming behind the fuel tanks, which by its presence underneath, leads us to think that this shim material was put in at assembly. The downside of course, despite being clearly treated with Creosote or similar protectant, it held water like a sponge….

The last picture here, you can see some of the wooden shims. We guess it was an inexpensive “anti rattle” fix, despite the gas tank being canvas wrapped. The black tar is some of the self sealing tank material glacially flowing out of a rust hole in the corner of the tank

there is some pitting in the floor plate under the tank, but, as its armour, no holes, so we will use it once sandblasted and treated to keep the hull as original as we can

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