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…some leaks are bad, this one is good !

when she first came off the truck, she marked her spot in the CWHVS hangar by promptly dumping the contents of her engine sump on the floor, but, at least the engine spun freely ! Now, as we get ready to pull the rad, we are happy to see that by turning the oddly elegant brass drain cock, that nice clean bright green coolant came out !

but she of course is being reluctant again! We are happy its the rarer winch equipped version…but, like so many good things , there are drawbacks …, I have to pull the winch off before I can lift the rad,

The issue is that the winch drive shaft looks so much like a Pretzel, I’m looking for a bottle of mustard to go with it !…

….and the winch shaft goes through a tunnel in the rad….

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