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Starter Problems

On September 22nd the CwC was proud to be in attendance at the Ottawa Army Run. The society attended the event along with the collections V100, and MK2/3 Ferret. As with all historical vehicles, and the fact that the collections vehicles are fully operational. We sometimes have mechanical issues or breakdowns. It’s a good things the Engineers at Daimler provided us with a secondary means of starting our Ferret. It’s also important to note that we are lucky enough to have Dave. Without Dave the secondary starting procedure may  not have been so easy. Once we got our Ferret back home our Friendly neighbourhood armour guru Nick was able to repair our starter issue. The procedure for this repair however is not any fun. Here is Nick’s description of the job and his thoughts about it. And the man who got our Ferret going Dave.


This is where the starter is….waaayyyy down here ,

So, this is the process

1) remove the rear deck armour

2) remove engine cross over support

3) remove outer exhaust collectors (curse)

4) remove sundry heat shields

5 ) kill the power ( after cursing )

6) unplug leads to starter

7) take 3 hours to remove 3 bolts !

8) curse, have tea

note the two bottom bolts you cant see, and the belly access panel for these  is designed for Smurfs

Hours to pull it out, 20 seconds to fix


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