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steering gear details etc…why dust covers work !

Into the front axle now, and for the most part, its a pretty straightforward tear down, but we found an interesting detail that will make one end of the steering arm hard to strip due to rust (its now soaking, on its end in light machine oil ).

As we were getting ready to remove the ball ends from the shaft, we noted that the aft end of the bar was covered in a lace up canvas sleeve. this now degraded sleeve, had kept water and dirt out of the mechanisms for over 70 years! leaving the parts in near new condition.

Contrast this to the rusted fore end of the arm, and you can see the advantage of the cover !

We pulled the sector shaft and worm from the steering box as well, and although in good shape, we noted what must have been a hard impact at one point, as the sector followers have quite the “divot” in them !

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