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Sugga Service !

Well, one more show to go this year, and that is supporting the Ottawa “Bring a Veteran to Dinner” evening . A not to be missed local event held every fall here in the capitol that sees people being paired up with veterans to share a meal and connect , this year , on Oct 22nd

This year we are providing two vehicles to the event, the Ferret , and our Volvo TP-21 Sugga, but before they go and bask in the media spotlight in advance of the night,, we are doing all the fluids on the Sugga and catching up on a few small odds and ends, like repair of some internal light wiring and freshening up of the hand painted licence plates

happy to have all fresh oils in now , and as always , she runs like a dream

here are a couple of art shots of the Sugga ! Look for us on the Ottawa evening news Oct 17th !

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