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sweet , sweet engine goodness

getting back on track here slowly, but its been a busy week. Many roads here are still out of use, and my own commute has grown from 30 minutes, to 90 minutes each way from home to shop. Being a Fire Rescue Technician in West Quebec as well as the Curator / Crew Chief here at the Museum basically means there has been little sleep in the last two weeks.

I found this picture, blending perfectly in the haze of little sleep, Half Track Resto and Fire / Rescue activity

Fdny 1970S | Message Forums • View topic - Unusual Half-tracks.....

Perhaps I need to take her in this direction ! (kidding !!, )

But , in a ray of good news, her new engine came in ! A zero time French Army rebuild . Its going to be painted up and returned to its 1942 spec before we drop it in

we grabbed a free turning trans and TC as well, which is great news . We like collecting engines and drive line parts for the fleet whenever we find them.

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