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when it goes wrong, it goes wrong fast

first, the pics….

Notice the full leather gauntlet, and what’s left of the cutting wheel . In this case, I was bolt cutting when the cutting wheel failed….It jumped out of the cut, and ran up my glove, finally grabbing my long sleeve.

I wear these heavy gloves and a tight sweater while working so there are no loose ends…even so, this shows the result of a wheel failure.

This was lucky. I work alone 95% of the time, and all the work planning revolves around safety, it has to, help is just too far away. Each task is planned, tools and secondary safety processes, checked

Luckily, I’m a Fire and Rescue Tech. when I’m not rebuilding armour, so I have the Emergency Medical training to patch myself up, and the right trauma kits , including self use Tourniquets….I got off cheaply this time

This work can be dangerous in the life altering sense, so lets all learn and make safety job 1!

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