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..Winter is coming !

….yes, that well worn phrase, but for us, it means the final empty out of the hanger, storing all the loose “extras” that pile up over the year, and parking up the fleet. In some cases, they will not be restarted until march, but many will continue to be run up and used through the winter. We have one day left of above 0 C weather before it gets cold and snow starts to pile up in earnest , so , a fleet run up was in order…well, except our CVR(T) which took the opportunity to shell out her fuel pump…but, with a little help from our AMPT, we got her positioned for the winter !

so, that was Friday and today !

I’m sure the Sugga and Pinz felt right at home in the snow, but we left the Stolly and Saracen tucked in and we ran them up in situ

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